Posted by The Exorcist on 2023 Apr 14th

We're Back.

It's been a minute.

Maybe you noticed that we took a step back. Took some time for ourselves. To reflect where we've been. Made some memories with friends and family. Gained some new skills.

Thought long and hard about what the next steps might look like for Exorcism Detailing. From the beginning, we've put our passion first - always. 

Although detailing is physically demanding work, working on cars never felt like work to us. We enjoy what we do. 

We made a conscious decision not to scale. We knew that if we tried to scale it (i.e., Go Big or Go Home) by expanding the team, facilities, diversifying our service offering, increasing efficiency, we feared that we'd perceive cars as more of a commodity and become less passionate about it - which wasn't really in line with our vision for the business. 

So where does that leave us in 2023? Inspired to improve the experiences we deliver to our customers, increase the quality of our services, and to once again move forward along the path that we define. 

We're excited to launch this new website, give people the opportunity to interact with us in a new way, offer more convenient and flexible payment options, and just be a better version of us. 

From all of us here at Exorcism Detailing, thank you to those who've supported us in our journey thus far - and to those that allow us to be a part of the conversation.