Posted by The Exorcist on 2023 Apr 14th

Why the name?

A question that we've often been asked is, Why'd you name your business "Exorcism Detailing?"

Great question.

Whether your first thought is an image of the possessed girl from the movie The Exorcist, something devil-related, or the person who is tasked with purging an evil spirit from a vessel - it's a bold name to choose. 

When we started thinking of names; naturally, we first looked to our attention to detail (pun intended), OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Detailing] first came to mind. In our opinion, this was too generic, expected, and strayed away from the attitude we were trying to convey.

The way we detail cars is extreme, thorough, it's almost like we're "purging" the vehicle... 

It's almost like an exorcism...

Wait a minute,

There it is. 

We're gonna' call ourselves Exorcism Detailing.

Over the years, we've experienced a wide variety of reactions to our namesake.

The people that love it, love it.

Some people don't like it (and that's okay).

Others told us to change it.

The bottom line is, most people remember it.